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24 October, 2009

Singapore $2 and $10 'Dot' Notes News

Some interesting news came out of Singapore recently.

Collectors in Singapore discovered that there are some varieties notes printed for the current S$2 and S$10 polymer notes. The difference on these varieties notes is that a tiny square dot(s) measured by approx. 1mm x 1mm is printed on the reverse side of the note just under the theme description. For example, on the S$2 note, this tiny little square dot appears under the wordings “Education” and “Sports” for the S$10 note. In addition to this the S$10 also printed both with one and 2 dots varieties. Until today, collectors in Singapore are not sure as to why this tiny dot is added to the notes and for what purpose. I was informed that a closer look on the rest of these notes did not detect or indicate any alteration on it’s original designs, colours etc. Therefore, the question is, why and for what purpose?

All these notes bear the same signature of Goh Chok Tong (former Prime Ministry of Singapore).

Below as some queries on these “dot” notes: -

1) S$2
Four prefixes were examined.

3GP, 3GS, 3HE and 3KR

The 3GP, 3GS and 3KR all have a dot but not 3HE. Why? To me this is strange. 3HE comes before 3GP and 3GS and after 3KR. Therefore why notes are issued without dot in between and for what purpose?

2) S$10
These notes come with one and two dots. The two prefixes examined are 2CQ and 2EG. The 2CQ has 2 dots but the 2EG has only one. Is this means that the two dots was issued first before the one dot? And why? I personally have a 2ED without the dot! And again my 2ED is placed between the 2CQ and 2EG. Would it be possible to have no dot and dot note for the same letter prefix notes?

Unless these are some of the possible reasons: -

1) Notes printed by more than one printer? Is Singapore printing some of it’s own requirement now? Why not just print a year date instead or initials of the imprinter like all other DLR, ABNC, FCO, G&D, CBNC etc notes?

2) Is this some kind of experimental type of notes like using difference ink or printing process etc? In Australia, they printed some test notes ($100 in 1996 and $5 in 1997) with some kind of new ink. These notes printed with letter prefix commencing “AN” to “AZ” and "BN to "BZ" etc. Of course not many collectors knew about it until few years later.

3) Collectors in Singapore had a good look at the $2 and $10 notes (with and without dot) and see if there are any alterations on the notes, like the colours, design, fonts, etc. Apart from the dot, nothing changed.

4) I don’t think they printed that for the vision impaired as I was told that the dot added is not raised. One can’t feel the dot with their finger tip. The words “Sports” and “Education” are raised but not the dot.

5) Could it be for identification and sorting purposes for ATM? If this is true, then why such a small print? Australian notes have two white horizontal bars approx. between 15mm to 30mm printed on the top and bottom edges for sorting purposes.

No sighting for the S$5 note with dot yet. However I am sure we won't be disappointed for any new reprints.

If any readers have any information on this, please feel free to share with us.


wj said...

Hello, I am a banknote collector from Singapore. These mysterious dots have been spotted since January 2009.

Just some information about these notes:

1) More than just the prefix

Prefix alone does not allow one to determine. I have two notes with the same prefix but with a different pattern.

Serial number 2GN117??? has one dot, while another note with serial number 2GN537??? has two.

2) Only a single printer

The notes are all printed by OFZ Switzerland, confirmed by the Central Bank.

3) Not for ATM purposes

I called the MAS earlier this year, they mentioned that while some features were for the public to authenticate the note, others are for ATMs to read, others are for processing machines to read, while there are some features which after all else fails, allow the Central Bank to authenticate.

So, the actual reason will still remain unknown. I believe that it is the batch number of the notes.

Meanwhile, I am still analysing the serial numbers and their relation to the dot.

More info is at my post: http://www.tanwj.com/banknotes/square-dots-on-money/

me said...

Hi WJ,
Thanks for your comments and additional info on these dot notes. If you come across more info and other notes with dot ie $5 etc, please feel free to let us know. Thanks

En and Hou said...

Here's something more interesting for you - New paper banknotes for $100 and $1,000 are now in general circulation. Signed by SM Goh/MAS. Also contains mini squares, triangles, etc.

me said...

En and Hou, thanks for the update.

Jazz Kaur said...

can anyone tell me how much are these $2 notes worth today? bought in 1994. thanks jazz from brisbane.

me said...

Hi Jazz

If you are referring to the above $2 note, that note was first issued 1999 (paper) and then polymer in 2006. The above are all polymer notes.

You must have bought a difference note or you got the date wrong.

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